System Users: Thank you for the opportunity to provide system and software support. Unified Data Systems, Inc. (UDS) has been supporting business computer systems since 1981. UDS has extensive experience in the Microsoft, Novell, LINUX and UNIX operating systems. Much of this support is provided via telephone inter-connect to clients within and outside of the Dallas Texas Metroplex (Washington DC, Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, Chicago, IL). With this experience, I can assure you of our qualifications to address and resolve all issues concerning your system operations. Unified Data Systems provides professional technical services under four different programs. These include ‘Fixed-Fee’, ‘On-Demand’, ‘Block’-Time’ and ‘Full support’ programs as outlined below.


This program provides the most effective support solution for client tasks that are well defined with documented requirements and methodologies. The fixed fee is based on the complexity and resource requirements of the task. Agreement to complete the task to client specifications at the fixed fee is guaranteed. The client liability is limited to the fee based upon the agreed specifications. UDS is paid a 40% retainer with issuance of the purchase order, with 40% due upon delivery or completion, and the balance of 20% due upon the clients’ complete satisfaction.Adjustment to specifications that require fee adjustment are handled by a separate agreement.


This program is appropriate for clients that request immediate service to address a specific problem. The problem is defined by the client and UDS provides the requested services at a flat rate hourly fee. Charges are incurred from the time UDS responds to the service request and payment is due upon completion of the specified task. 



This program is appropriate for clients that request more general support services. UDS works with the client to outline and prioritize the clients’ objectives and goals. Once defined, UDS provides an estimate of resource requirements and an estimate of time to complete the tasks. The client pre-purchases the necessary time resource in twenty hour (20 hr.) increments at a discounted hourly rate.

This time is expended toward completion of specific tasks as dictated by the client and must be consumed within thirty days of purchase.


This program is appropriate for clients that prefer to outsource all computer system responsibility. UDS assumes full responsibility of the client computer operations. A detailed program is implemented whereby UDS provides repair/replacement of all failed hardware, user training, application development, implementation and all other functions normally provided by an in-house systems analysts and staff. Charges for this service are incurred on an annual bases and invoiced monthly. Services are provided by UDS personnel assigned to the client ‘on-site’ or via remote access.

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